1/52 Burns Road, Ourimbah

1/52 Burns Road, Ourimbah

Dear Alison

I just wanted to thank you both for your integrity, professionalism, and for perseverance in trying to sell my property at 1/52 Burns Road, Ourimbah.

It was unfortunate that, at this time, I could not be more flexible with my selling price, despite the difficult economic climate. You therefore released my property from sale before the three-month contract had been fulfilled, so that I could rent the property as soon as possible. Your actions thereby prove that your company does indeed always have their client’s best interest at heart.

I am very happy that McGrath is now looking after my property as a rental. Unfamiliar as I am in regards to the process of renting out a house, I was very grateful for the way Di Henneberry walked me through it. She explained everything, very patiently, step by step. I am also grateful for my subsequent Property Manager, Kirrilly Macdermid, who is handling all the details very capably.

I have been immensely impressed by the professionalism and the comprehensiveness with which McGrath handles sales and rentals. Every little detail is seen to without fuss and with obvious vast experience to draw upon. I expect I will have a long relationship with McGrath Wyoming.

A sincere thank you.


Susan Bannister

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